Emre Birişmen ile işbirliği. 2017.

Collaboration with Emre Birişmen. 2017.

Bosphorus is a short film following a curious young woman in a dystopian Istanbul. In this fictitious setting, the two sides of Bosphorus (the waterway that runs through Istanbul) are governed by two different governments in dispute. The communication and transport between the two sides are prohibited. The woman has a pair of binoculars and she is obsessed with watching the other side which she has never been to and knows nothing about. While watching she gets physically assaulted by a policeman, accosted by an annoying soldier and confronted by her partner who does not approve of her obsession. She unyieldingly keeps on watching in a field that she prefers as an observation site where she receives a call from the other side through a landline that is hidden in the grass.

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